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Moldova's Foreign Minister: NATO does not violate our neutrality, Russia does

Moldova's Foreign Minister: NATO does not violate our neutrality, Russia does Photo: Moldovan Foreign Minister Mihai Popșoi (
Author: Daryna Vialko

NATO does not violate Moldova's neutrality. The only one who does is Russia, according to Moldovan Foreign Minister Mihai Popșoi.

"It is important to note that over 30 years of cooperation with NATO in many areas, the Alliance has always respected and will continue to respect our neutrality. The only country that does not respect and violates it is the Russian Federation," Popșoi noted.

The Foreign Minister reminded that in 1999, Moscow undertook international commitments to withdraw its troops from Moldovan territory and eliminate ammunition depots in Kolbasna, but has not fulfilled these obligations.

"This constitutes a direct violation of Moldova's neutrality," the Minister emphasized.

He pointed out that Moldova will remain a neutral country as long as it reflects the will of its people.

"The majority of citizens believe that neutrality is a guarantee of security. Unfortunately, history proves that this is often not the case. However, the Republic of Moldova is a democratic country, and as long as the majority of citizens see neutrality as a positive factor for the country, this format will be maintained," Popșoi assured.

Moldova's status of permanent neutrality is enshrined in Article 11 of the Constitution. It prohibits joining military-political blocs and does not allow the deployment of foreign armed forces on its territory.

Russian aggression against Moldova

In March 2024, Moldova's President Maia Sandu stated that her country is a target of Russian interference, which intensifies as Moldova moves towards European integration.

Later, Moldova's Minister of Internal Affairs, Adrian Efros, reported that the country is fully engaged in a hybrid war provoked by the Russian government. Russia has not abandoned its intentions but has changed tactics.

Additionally, back in 2023, Sandu remarked that Russia's invasion of Ukraine prompted Moldova to reconsider whether it should depart from its constitutionally mandated neutrality and align itself within a broader alliance, namely NATO.