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Russian threat growing as Moldova moves toward Europe, President Sandu

Russian threat growing as Moldova moves toward Europe, President Sandu Photo: President of Moldova Maia Sandu (Vitalii Nosach, RBC-Ukraine)

Moldova is a target of Russian interference, intensifying as the country progresses toward European integration, according to the President of Moldova Maia Sandu.

She explained that Chișinău is particularly concerned about a surge in disinformation on the eve of the presidential elections and the referendum on EU membership scheduled for the fall. Sandu also asserts that the situation in unrecognized Transnistria is stable, although local so-called deputies recently asked for "Russia's assistance."

"This 'appeal' (from Transnistria) came at a time when the Tiraspol regime simultaneously sought money from Russia, the EU, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, and the UN, but not military support," she said. Sandu also assures that since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, a significant number of people from this region have applied for Moldovan passports. According to her, this indicates that young people want to avoid being drafted into the Russian army.

War in Ukraine

The President of Moldova has also called for increased support for Ukraine, which serves as a stronghold for her country. She is confident that the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin needs to be stopped for the safety of Europe.

"Today we feel safe thanks to the resistance of Ukrainians, but Europe – not just Europe, but all countries that value respect for their borders – must understand that Vladimir Putin needs to be stopped. If we want peace, we must help Ukraine with all our might," she stated.

She also believes that many Europeans now understand that Putin will not stop. That's why it is necessary to find a more effective way to support Ukraine.

Moldova's aid

Last year, Moldova sent three shipments of humanitarian aid – in February, April, and September – primarily for the needs of the Ukrainian army.

Additionally, in June 2023, Moldova dispatched eight humanitarian aid trucks totaling 200 thousand euros to address the environmental and humanitarian consequences caused by the destruction of the dam in Nova Kakhovka.

In the previous year, Moldova joined the international register of losses due to Russia's aggression against Ukraine.

During a visit to Ukraine in November of last year, Moldova's President Maia Sandu stated that Moldova managed to avoid occupation only thanks to the actions of the Ukrainian military.