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MoD explains importance of getting Taurus missiles from Germany

MoD explains importance of getting Taurus missiles from Germany Photo: MoD explains importance of getting Taurus missiles from Germany (

German long-range missiles Taurus will not radically change the situation on the battlefield. At the same time, they will expand the capabilities of our soldiers, says Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Ivan Havryliuk.

"Despite the negative voting result in the Bundestag, I hope that we will receive all the necessary support, including Taurus," said Havryliuk.

According to the Deputy Minister of Defense, the missiles would be a significant addition to the armament provided within the framework of the Javelin Coalition for Ukraine.

"These missiles are capable of hitting inaccessible locations of enemy aircraft, missile systems, and ammunition depots. They also have a longer range than other missiles we have received, and they are resistant to the effects of electronic warfare," added the Deputy Minister.

He noted that Taurus would not have a decisive effect in a turning point on the battlefield, but they would expand the military's capabilities.

"Taurus would help our military on the battlefield and assist the Air Force in defending civilian infrastructure. But it is too early to talk about a breakthrough in the war," explained Havryliuk.

Taurus for Ukraine

Ukraine requested long-range Taurus missiles from Germany, capable of destroying targets up to 500 kilometers away, last year. Chancellor of Germany Olaf Scholz, however, opposed the idea. He is concerned that Ukraine, with such weaponry, could launch missile strikes on Russian territory.

On January 16, the Christian Democratic Union decided to bring the issue of transferring Taurus to Ukraine to the Bundestag, but the project was not supported.