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Bundestag declines to support call for Taurus transfer to Ukraine

Bundestag declines to support call for Taurus transfer to Ukraine Photo: Bundestag rejects supporting the call for Taurus transfer to Ukraine (Getty Images)

In Germany, the Bundestag did not support the resolution proposed by the opposition party CDU (Christian Democratic Union) calling for the transfer of long-range Taurus missiles to Ukraine, according to the press service of the German parliament and Spiegel.

During the roll-call vote, the CDU initiative was rejected with 485 votes against, 178 in favor, and three abstentions. According to Spiegel, the resolution was not supported by deputies from the German Greens and the Free Democratic Party, despite their calls for providing Taurus missiles to Ukraine.

"Unfortunately, the current proposal from the CDU/CSU faction is aimed only at gaining a tactical advantage in domestic political debates in the Federal Republic of Germany," stated the Greens.

It is worth noting that even if the German parliament supports the idea of supplying Taurus missiles to Ukraine, it does not automatically mean the provision of such assistance. The transfer of weapons requires a decision from the German government.

Since last year, Ukraine has been requesting the transfer of Taurus missiles from Germany, which are capable of destroying targets at a distance of up to 500 kilometers. Such weaponry is crucial for striking Russian rear facilities.


It was announced on January 16 that the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) wanted to bring the issue of transferring Taurus missiles to Ukraine to the Bundestag. Friedrich Merz, the leader of the CDU/CSU faction, stated that such missiles could help Ukraine push back Russian forces.