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Missiles or drones: What poses greater threat to Ukraine's energy sector

Missiles or drones: What poses greater threat to Ukraine's energy sector Energy experts explained what is more dangerous, missiles or drones (photo: Getty Images)

The Russian occupiers are preparing for possible attacks on Ukrainian energy infrastructure. Missiles and drones pose the same destructive threat to the energy sector, states Ruslan Slobodian, Head of the State Inspectorate for Energy Supervision of Ukraine, in a telethon.

"These are basically identical dangers. Preparations are similar to those for missile or drone strikes. The main thing on our part is to accumulate an emergency reserve of equipment. This has been actively done throughout the year," he said.

According to him, Ukrainian power engineers were preparing for possible Russian attacks. Slobodian noted that it was about engineering protection and protection from wreckage fragments. But the most important thing is to strengthen air defense.

Slobodian added that Ukraine has created a special humanitarian hub. Power equipment is stored there to speed up repairs to damaged infrastructure if necessary.

The power engineers emphasized that there is no talk of power outages at the moment. Restrictions in Ukraine may be imposed only in case of shelling or bad weather.

Power situation in Ukraine

The electricity situation in Ukraine is currently stable, with no power outages. However, due to constant Russian shelling, there are disruptions in the frontline regions. Also today, Ukrenergo recorded a deficit in the power system. Therefore, Ukrainians are asked to be saving power.

At the same time, power engineers, the military, and the authorities warn that the Russians may be preparing massive attacks. Some facilities have already been hit.

The DIU confirms that Russia is stockpiling missiles to repeat massive attacks. But, according to intelligence, the scale of the attacks will be smaller. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy believes that the winter will be hard, but Ukraine is better prepared than last year.