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Missile strike on Odesa, start of sham elections in Russia - Friday brief

Missile strike on Odesa, start of sham elections in Russia - Friday brief RBC-Ukraine collage

Russian troops yesterday, March 15, attacked Odesa with missiles, targeting civilian infrastructure. Meanwhile, the so-called 3-day presidential elections began in Russia.

RBC-Ukraine has gathered the main news for March 15.

Russia's war against Ukraine: Latest news

Russian military launched missile strike on Odesa

Russian forces carried out strikes on Odesa using Iskander-M ballistic missiles. They targeted the city's civilian infrastructure.

After the initial attack, Russian terrorists struck Odesa once again after rescuers and medics arrived at the scene.

Due to enemy shelling, a three-story building of a recreational facility was destroyed, at least 10 private houses, and a low-pressure gas pipeline, service station, ambulances, and firefighting vehicles were damaged.

According to the State Emergency Service, rescue operations and rubble clearance had to be interrupted over the threat of new Russian strikes.

According to the latest information, 75 people were injured, with 20 fatalities, as a result of the missile strike.

For details of yesterday's Russian strike on Odesa - read RBC-Ukraine's coverage.

'Putin's elections' started in Russia

So-called 3-day presidential elections began in Russia. "Voting" is also illegally taking place on the occupied territories of Ukraine, which is a gross violation of international law, the principles of the UN Charter, as well as the territorial integrity, sovereignty, and independence of Ukraine.

The local underground has already warned Ukrainians within the occupied territories about possible Russian provocations. The Ministry of Reintegration called on residents of these territories to ignore the "elections."

RBC-Ukraine wrote about the voting procedure, "competitors," the legitimacy of Putin's new term, and the consequences including for Ukraine.

Zelenskyy held crucial military briefings

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy held a series of important military meetings during which the situation on the front lines was discussed, as well as the production of drones for future operations.

During the first briefing, Zelenskyy heard a report from the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Oleksandr Syrskyi, who returned from the Avdiivka direction today, March 15. He briefed on the situation on the front and other key areas. Further actions were coordinated.

The second briefing was attended by:

  • Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Anatoliy Barhylevych;
  • Minister of Defense Rustem Umerov;
  • Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Vadym Sukharevskyi.

The most vulnerable enemy positions were identified, where Ukrainian soldiers could inflict the most damage.

"And we will strike. The more the Russian state loses and the higher the cost of its aggression, the closer we will be to the just end of this war," the president added.

The third meeting was held with representatives of the Cabinet of Ministers, the defense industry complex, and other agencies. It concerned the production of high-tech drones for operations.

"Such weapons exist in Ukraine, but they must become longer-range, more massive, and more powerful. Relevant tasks and deadlines have been set. No Russian act of terrorism must go unanswered," said Zelenskyy.

Operation by Ukraine's intelligence: Drones attacked oil refinery in Kaluga region

On the night of March 15, Ukrainian drones targeted the oil refinery First Plant in the Kaluga region of the Russian Federation, engaged in oil processing.

According to RBC-Ukraine sources, this operation was conducted by the Defense Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

The Russian Telegram channel ASTRA reported that 3 drones hit the oil processing equipment of the First Plant chemical plant in the town of Polotnyany Zavod.

"A fire broke out. The equipment has been damaged. No casualties reported," ASTRA writes.

The governor of the Kaluga region, Roman Busargin, said in the morning that 4 drones were allegedly shot down in the region and that there are no casualties or infrastructure damage.

Meanwhile, Russian media sources claimed that only one drone was actually shot down, and 3 precisely targeted the Kaluga refinery.

Greece preparing military aid for Ukraine

Greece is preparing to supply Ukraine with a new batch of military aid. This includes aviation missiles, artillery pieces, and ammunition.

According to media reports, the equipment will be purchased by Czechia and sent directly to Ukraine. Czech and Greek officials are negotiating prices for these systems, after which a bilateral agreement will be signed.

Greek officials say that it is precisely ammunition that Ukraine needs the most and that their proposal will help meet the needs of Ukrainians.

Greece has informed EU officials responsible for coordinating assistance to Ukraine that they could provide the following aid through Czechia this year:

  • 2000 Zuni rockets;
  • 180 rockets successfully used by Ukraine in anti-tank warfare and listed high on Ukraine's requests;
  • 90,000 90mm shells used in anti-tank warfare and air defense;
  • 4 million bullets;
  • 70 M114 155mm howitzers of American production.