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Meghan Markle appears in humorous advertisement

Meghan Markle appears in humorous advertisement Why did Markle take such a step (photo: Getty Images)

Meghan Markle, recently acknowledged as one of the biggest failures in Hollywood along with Prince Harry, has surprised fans by suddenly appearing in a humorous advertisement. What the Duchess of Sussex is "selling" and why she took such a step is discussed in an article by RBC-Ukraine.

The following sources were used: the Instagram account of the Clevr brand and the Daily Mail publication.

Markle in an advertisement - video

Meghan Markle appears in a commercial video promoting the Clevr coffee shop. The Duchess of Sussex has long held shares in the fashionable brand of oat milk lattes in Santa Barbara and has now decided to make a playful appearance.

Меган Маркл знялася у рекламі. Що "продає" дружина принца Гаррі та навіщо - пояснення експертів

Markle in an advertisement (a screenshot)

In the video, she plays the role of an assistant. Markle, as if she were never a duchess, unpacks boxes, prepares hot drinks, and cheerfully greets her colleague. In the final scenes, the wife of Prince Harry wants to "give a fist bump" to the guy but misses and laughs.

Certainly, Meghan Markle's appearance in the commercial video surprised fans a lot. Few understood why she did it.

What experts say about the act of Prince Harry's wife

Brand and culture expert Nick Ede stated that the brand featured in Meghan Markle's advertisement made a smart move. Thanks to this video, users turned their attention to coffee shops on social media. However, not all user comments turned out to be positive.

According to the expert, the video should have portrayed the "success and hard work of the business." Instead, Markle and the brand received negative statements from commentators. But Prince Harry's wife may not stop at this.

Меган Маркл та принца Гаррі визнали одними з найбільших невдах Голлівуду: в чому причина

Why did Markle participate in the advertisement (photo: Getty Images)

"I think we'll see much more personality-driven content focusing on Meghan as a media personality who is kind, empathetic, fun, and not afraid to poke fun at herself!" explained Ede.

Another expert, royal family expert Phil Dampier, believes that Meghan decided to change her image. In his opinion, the scandalous wife of the prince has chosen a different strategy.

Які прізвиська мали Кейт Міддлтон, Єлизавета II, принц Вільям та інші члени королівської родини

Markle appeared in a humorous video (photo: Getty Images)

"Megan is not a bad person, and I think she understands that she and Harry went too far with the victim card. She also has new PR consultants advising her, and I'm sure they've told her to be more positive rather than just living by criticizing the royal family. The more natural Megan appears, the better, even if the photos may be staged," he believes.

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