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Life hacks for effective shopping: How not to get lost amid Black Friday offers

Life hacks for effective shopping: How not to get lost amid Black Friday offers How to make the most of Black Friday deals (Photo: Freepik)

This year, Black Friday falls on November 24th. Typically, this massive sale lasts for several days. Almost all stores and retail chains during this period offer the best prices on goods and services. But with such a multitude of promotional offers, how do you choose the most advantageous ones?

Marketing specialist Anna Konyk shared with RBC-Ukraine the rules that will help make shopping more efficient.

Why people are drawn to Black Friday

"People love discounts, and during times of economic uncertainty, individuals tend to be more thrifty. Therefore, for most people, Black Friday is an opportunity to purchase a particular product or service more advantageously. For brands, it serves as an additional incentive to remind customers of their presence and attract them," explains Anna.

She adds that sales actually occur throughout the year, and prices for certain items sometimes fluctuate. "However, Black Friday, as an annual event, provides a different sensation compared to regular discounts, as brands often offer products or services at -50%, -70%, and even more lucrative deals. Not all discounts lead to thoughtless consumption. Many people may wait for sales to buy a new mattress, phone, or headphones," says the marketing specialist.

What triggers do marketers use

Marketers understand that discounts are a powerful psychological tool that can evoke feelings of greed, fear of missing out on something important, and the satisfaction of a successful purchase.

"They use these emotions to encourage people to make purchases they hadn't planned or didn't need. To create anticipation and excitement, Black Friday advertising usually begins to appear a month before," explains the marketer.

Triggers at work:

  1. Desire to save money: An attractive price compels customers to feel the need to act immediately to save.

  2. Limited-time offers: People agree to this because such offers are more appealing than searching elsewhere later. Marketers often use phrases like "best offer" or "only on Black Friday," creating the impression that the offer is truly time-limited and worth taking advantage of as quickly as possible. Urgency-inducing messages such as "Hurry, only 3 left!" can also create a sense of competition for the last parachute in a plane about to crash.

  3. Fear of scarcity: Often, discussions about limited stock create a sense of scarcity.

How not to get lost among hundreds of discounted offers

Before Black Friday, it's worth making a list of things you really want to buy. It's also advisable to monitor the full price of the product to understand whether the discounts offered now are genuinely advantageous, or if it might be worth waiting for New Year's sales, for example.

If an online ad offers a genuinely advantageous price for a product, it's a good idea to save this information in your bookmarks. Alternatively, you can share the link to that page with your mom, friends, or spouse through messaging — that way, it will remain in the conversation, ensuring you won't lose track of it.

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What rules to follow during sales (photo: Freepik)

How to avoid impulse purchases during sales

Anna Konyk advises following these rules:

  1. Bring a thrifty friend with you for shopping: Having advice from the side will help you relax and make more thoughtful decisions.

  2. Don't take a shopping cart: It's challenging to carry more than 5 items or products in your hands, whereas a cart can accommodate even 20. This helps limit the number of purchases.

  3. Make shopping lists: Lists help you stay more focused in the store, especially when tempted to buy something that might be needed someday.

  4. Have plans: The best way to resist the temptation of discounts is to plan other activities during super sales. For example, visiting friends or family.

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