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Latvia to deport over 1000 Russian citizens

Latvia to deport over 1000 Russian citizens Photo: Latvia to expel over a thousand Russians from the country (Getty Images)

Over 1,000 Russian citizens residing in Latvia may face deportation from the country, according to statements made by the head of Latvia's Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs, Maira Roze, reports Delfi.

Roze disclosed that approximately 15,500 Russian citizens have applied for permanent residency, with nearly 3,000 individuals seeking temporary residence permits.

According to Roze, around 2,200 individuals have not taken the necessary actions to extend their stay in Latvia.

However, this is not a final figure, as people continue to submit documents. The Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs has requested the Latvian State Border Guard to verify whether people have already left the country, and this information may become available by the end of this week.

"Over 1,000 individuals are subject to deportation. We see that there are many who are late, who are still trying to figure things out, to submit documents for a temporary residence permit, but unfortunately, we have to tell them that they have to leave because none of the provisions of the law apply to them," said Roze.

Preceding events

In September, it was revealed that Latvia had implemented new rules for obtaining residency permits, under which thousands of Russians could receive notices to leave the country.

Additionally, Lithuania revoked residence permits for over a thousand Russian citizens. According to the Lithuanian government, they posed a security threat. This decision was made after the Lithuanian government sent a questionnaire to residents regarding their stance on Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

It was reported that Lithuania revoked residency permits for 135 Russians who supported Russia's war against Ukraine.