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Latvia decides on number of Russians to deport

Latvia decides on number of Russians to deport Illustrative photo (Getty Images)

At least 1,213 Russian citizens in Latvia, who failed to meet the requirements of immigration laws and did not apply for a residence permit in the country, will face deportation, announces the Latvian Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs.

The mentioned 1,213 individuals did not submit documents to obtain a residence permit in Latvia by the deadline established by amendments to immigration laws - until November 30, and there is no information that these people have already left the country.

Among Russian citizens who have already delayed the submission of documents, by November 30, 1,344 individuals have applied for any type of residence permit (such as temporary rather than permanent).

"The information gathered at this point indicates that 904 individuals have crossed Latvia's external border and left the country," the announcement states.


In September, it became known that Latvia had implemented new rules for obtaining a residence permit, according to which thousands of Russians could receive notices to leave the country.

In December, it was already reported that over 1,000 Russian citizens living in Latvia could face deportation.

Lithuania has also annulled residence permits for more than a thousand Russian citizens, considering them a security threat. This decision was made after the Lithuanian government sent a questionnaire to the country's residents asking about their attitude towards Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

It was also reported that Lithuania revoked residence permits in the country for 135 Russians who support Russia's war against Ukraine.