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Kremlin reveals details of UN Secretary-General's 'grain deal' proposal

Kremlin reveals details of UN Secretary-General's 'grain deal' proposal Dmitry Peskov, Press Secretary of the Russian President (Photo: Getty Images)

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres sent a letter to the Russian dictator with a new proposal regarding the "grain deal." He pledged to fulfill part of the agreements related to Russia, reports TASS.

"In the letter from Mr. Guterres (to Putin - Ed.), some action plan was outlined again, and a promise that someday the Russian part of these agreements could be fulfilled," Peskov revealed.

However, he added that returning to the implementation of the "grain deal" is currently impossible because it is allegedly not being executed.

Guterres' proposal

Last week, Peskov declared that Russia officially terminates its participation in the "grain deal." The agreements allowed Ukraine to export its grain via the Black Sea.

Officials from the aggressor country tried to justify this move by claiming that Moscow's conditions within the agreement were allegedly not being met. A significant complaint from the Russians was related to the lack of ammonia transit through Ukraine.

After Moscow's decision to withdraw from the "grain deal," Guterres presented a new proposal for the country to resume its participation in the agreements. However, the details of this proposal were not disclosed.