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Key flaw in Russia's Tor air defense system: British intelligence

Key flaw in Russia's Tor air defense system: British intelligence Photo: British intelligence named the main shortcomings of the Russian Tor air defense system (Facebook_com_Ministry_of_RF_Russia)

The Tor short-range anti-aircraft missile system is a crucial component for the occupying forces in Ukraine, providing frontline protection for the invaders, according to the British Ministry of Defense on Twitter (X).

British intelligence underscores a pivotal aspect of the Ukraine-Russia conflict — the strategic importance of neutralizing ground-based air defense systems.

In this context, the Tor air defense system stands out as a key component for the Russian forces. Notably different from the Pantsir air defense system, which prioritizes safeguarding command posts, longer-range air defense systems, and Russian air bases, the Tor system plays a significant role.

Its primary function for the occupiers is countering Ukrainian drones, making it the frontline defense in their air defense network, as per intelligence reports.

However, despite its strategic significance, the Tor air defense system is not without its challenges. One notable drawback is the endurance of the crew, a critical consideration in evaluating its overall effectiveness.

"With an established allocation of only three personnel to each system, maintaining a high state of alert for extended periods of highly likely proven an extreme test of endurance", the text of the request states.

Russian air defense losses

It is worth noting that the Ukrainian military has recently targeted Russian air defense systems. The Dutch intelligence agency Oryx notes that the Ukrainian military destroyed the S-400 at least 5 times, including command posts, launchers and radars. This is a costly loss for the occupiers.

In a remarkable operation on September 14, the Security Service of Ukraine counter-intelligence, in collaboration with the Naval Forces of Ukraine, executed a distinctive mission in the vicinity of the occupied Yevpatoria. According to reliable sources from RBC-Ukraine, the defenders successfully neutralized the Russian S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft complex, estimated at a staggering 1.2 billion dollars.

Earlier, British intelligence reported that the Russian Federation had moved S-400 systems from Kaliningrad to Ukraine. This happened after significant losses.