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IT for export: Which countries value Ukrainian specialists the most and offer high salaries

IT for export: Which countries value Ukrainian specialists the most and offer high salaries Ukrainian IT specialists are valued almost everywhere (photo: Getty Images)

The Ukrainian IT export in 2023 has faced challenges amid the war; however, our IT specialists are highly valued in most countries worldwide. Ukrainians collaborate with numerous foreign companies and receive competitive salaries.

RBC-Ukraine reveals which countries are most interested in Ukrainian talent and where substantial salaries are being paid.

The sources used in preparing this material include DOU, the National Bank of Ukraine, and HappyMonday.

Ukrainian IT export in 2023

The Ukrainian IT industry is largely oriented toward export, with the majority of service companies operating in the international market.

According to the data from the National Bank of Ukraine, the first and second quarters of the current year were quite successful for the IT sector, bringing in $1.675 billion and $1.702 billion, respectively.

In the third quarter of 2023, the volume of Ukrainian IT exports decreased by 3.3% compared to the previous quarter, amounting to $1.646 billion.

According to several experts, the fourth quarter of this year may show better results, but we can discuss this in more detail later.

In general, most professionals note that IT export is returning to the figures seen before the onset of the major conflict. Although the monthly volume of IT export remains stable at $500-600 million, with some fluctuations.

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Current market situation is not the best, but everything will change (Illustrative photo: Pixabay)

Which countries are most interested in Ukrainians

Currently, the Ukrainian IT sector has the least cooperation with Romania, Georgia, Gibraltar, and Latvia.

However, among the top countries bringing the most revenue to Ukraine are: the United States (undisputed leader), Malta, the United Kingdom, Cyprus, Israel, Switzerland, Germany, Estonia, Poland, and the Netherlands.

Among other countries ordering IT services from Ukrainian professionals are Canada, the UAE, Denmark, Ireland, Sweden, France, Lithuania, and Belgium.

Разработчик Программного Обеспечения

Ukrainians are valued for their knowledge, responsibility, and accessibility (Illustrative photo: Pixabay)

Where Ukrainians are paid high salaries

On average, annual salaries for IT specialists in Ukraine range from $13,500 to $54,000, depending on the specialty and level of knowledge and skills.

The Polish IT market is the closest to the Ukrainian one in terms of salary levels. Ukrainians can earn an average of $19,800 to $50,800 per year here.

In Germany, the annual salary for IT professionals can range from an average of $53,800 to $94,800.

In the United States, IT professionals are highly valued. The average annual salary there also depends on the level of knowledge and practical experience (Trainee, Junior, Middle, and Senior). It can start at around $50,000 and reach $125,000 per year for some specialties.

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Salaries for Ukrainians abroad depend on many factors (Illustrative photo: Pixabay)

Main problems of the IT market in Ukraine

According to experts, the primary challenge for the IT market in Ukraine at the moment is the full-scale war. This includes:

  • Mobilization of workers
  • Loss of clients
  • Complicated negotiations with new clients
  • Constant shelling
  • Threats of blackouts
  • The need to create safe working conditions for professionals
  • Difficulty in obtaining permits for Ukrainians (men) for temporary travel abroad - for important events or negotiations
  • The economic situation in the country

As a result, clients are increasingly actively exploring other markets with less risk and more predictability.

At the same time, the IT industry in Ukraine demonstrates high adaptability and stability compared to other leading industries.

Analysts cautiously predict that the situation will improve in the future - in the first half of 2024, the global markets are expected to start improving, leading to an increase in the number of orders for IT products and services in Ukrainian companies.