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ISW experts explain why RF may be purchasing more ballistic missiles abroad

ISW experts explain why RF may be purchasing more ballistic missiles abroad Photo: Russia may start buying more ballistic missiles abroad (Getty Images)

The relative success achieved by the Russian forces in carrying out missile strikes on Ukraine using ballistic missiles may prompt the Kremlin to intensify efforts to acquire such weapons abroad, according to the ISW report.

ISW analysts note that the Russian military-industrial complex can produce about 4 Iskander missiles and four Kinzhal missiles per month, although it is unclear how many S-300/S-400 missiles the aggressor country's industry can produce.

According to experts, the Russian defense-industrial base is likely unable to manufacture ballistic missiles on the scale necessary for a continuous "strike campaign" against Ukraine, which relies on the regular expenditure of a large number of ballistic missiles. Therefore, Russia will likely have to purchase ballistic missiles abroad if it continues to support massive missile strikes on Ukraine.

It is noted that the Russians regularly use short-range ballistic missiles to strike Ukrainian cities, and these missiles are probably more effective in overcoming Ukrainian air defenses.

Experts point out that the effectiveness of Russian ballistic missiles seems to depend in part on the configuration of Ukraine's air defense Umbrella in the target area and the missile complex, which includes missiles.

North Korea supplies weapons to Russia for the war against Ukraine

According to U.S. intelligence, it has become known that Russian ships have regularly visited the North Korean port of Rason since August. North Korea sent approximately 2000 containers of weapons to Russia.

Matthew Miller, a representative of the State Department, stated that the United States is concerned about the military cooperation between Russia and North Korea.

Yesterday, White House National Security Council Coordinator John Kirby announced that Russia purchased ballistic missiles from North Korea. They have already been used for strikes against Ukraine.

Later, WP reported that North Korea may have transferred several dozen ballistic missiles to Russia for strikes against Ukraine.