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iPhone 16 to be released in completely new colors

iPhone 16 to be released in completely new colors iPhone 16 Pro can get Desert Titanium and Titanium Gray colors (photo: Unsplash)

Apparently, Apple already has some plans for the color range of the upcoming iPhone 16 models. Although all this information is still at the level of rumors, various options can be approved during the development process, according to an insider's account in X.

The color options were named Desert Titanium and Titanium Gray. The first represents a shade of gold. It is not as rich as the previous options. The second color is similar to the slightly darker gray used in the Space Gray iPhone 6 model.

Apple usually offers four color options for its Pro. The shades mentioned above will be supplemented with standard options - white and black. However, there is still a long time before the official announcement of the flagship devices, and the design decision may change.

The presentation of the new line of Apple smartphones is planned for the fall of 2024, and traditionally the Apple brand presents its new products in the first half of September.

We previously wrote that Apple may release five versions of the iPhone 16 at once.

We also have material that the iPhone 16 will return to the classic design of previous Apple models.