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In Russia, explosion occurs at Altai defense plant

In Russia, explosion occurs at Altai defense plant Photo: An explosion occurred at the Altai defense plant in Russia (video screenshot)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

A powerful explosion occurred near a defense plant in the Altai Territory of the Russian Federation. It happened on the morning of February 15, according to the Russian Telegram channel Siberian Express.

The incident occurred in the city of Biysk. The explosion occurred at the Altai plant, after which residents felt a shock wave and noticed a cloud of smoke.

In turn, Russian officials tried to reassure the residents.

"Today, the residents of Boyka heard a bang in the industrial area. According to the technological process, one of our city's enterprises was carrying out work. There is no cause for concern," the mayor of the Russian city, Viktor Shchigrev, writes on social media.

The channel emphasizes that the explosion occurred at the Altai plant. It is part of Roscosmos and is under sanctions from the EU, the U.S., Ukraine, and Japan. It is known from open sources that the company produces ammunition, solid rocket engine charges, and explosives for industrial purposes.

Other incidents in Russia on February 15

On the night of February 15, Russians began to report a large-scale fire near Kursk. It was claimed that an oil storage tank was on fire.

Sources in the special services told RBC-Ukraine that today's explosions and fire in the Kursk region were a Defense Intelligence of Ukraine's operation. The target was the Polyova oil depot.

In addition, explosions were heard in Belgorod today. Russians claimed alleged strikes at a shopping center.