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If Putin isn't stopped in Ukraine, he'll be back for more - Cameron

If Putin isn't stopped in Ukraine, he'll be back for more - Cameron British Foreign Secretary David Cameron (photo:

If we do not stop Russian dictator Vladimir Putin in Ukraine, he will return for more, stated British Foreign Secretary David Cameron, according to The Sun.

He stressed that Britain must understand how the world has changed.

“The forces shaping it – a warmonger in the Kremlin (Putin - ed.), a more aggressive China, Islamist extremism poisoning young minds – these things aren’t going to disappear overnight. There’s no point hoping for some magical return to the world as it once was," said Cameron.

He added that hope isn’t a policy.

“If Putin isn’t stopped in Ukraine he will be back for more. And we know from our history that appeasing dictators ultimately wrecks British interests and costs British lives,” Cameron emphasized.

Help from Britain

Earlier, British Defense Secretary Grant Shapps said that London would provide Ukraine with more military assistance and unite allies to provide everything necessary to win the war.

Shapps also announced a new military aid package for Ukraine at the Ramstein meeting in early October. The package is estimated at $123 million.

In addition, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that a real village in Britain had been turned into a training ground for Ukrainian soldiers. This will allow them to gain experience in urban warfare.