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IDF on temporary ceasefire: 'Anyone who poses a threat to our forces will be hit'

IDF on temporary ceasefire: 'Anyone who poses a threat to our forces will be hit' Illustrative photo (Getty Images)

A senior officer of the IDF Southern Command says Israeli forces will retaliate against any attempt to harm them during the temporary truce with Hamas. Concurrently, the IDF will be on alert, preparing for the potential resumption of hostilities, reports The Times of Israel.

“Anyone who poses a threat to our forces will be hit. The security of our forces is a top priority, that’s how we behaved and that’s how we will continue to behave,” the officer says.

According to him, the ground operation and operational achievements put pressure on Hamas and its leadership and also served as a necessary tool to create conditions for the implementation of the plan to return part of the hostages.

“We will use most of the time for the sake of readiness and planning the tasks expected of us immediately after the end of the truce. We are preparing to continue attacking with all our strength immediately after the end of the truce,” he adds.

The IDF has committed to preventing Palestinians from returning to northern Gaza from the south and has already thwarted some who attempted to do so.

Agreement on hostage release

Israel has devised a five-stage deal for the release of hostages.

The Cabinet of Israel recently approved an agreement to release approximately 50 hostages. As per the plan, Hamas fighters are expected to release 30 kidnapped children, eight mothers, and 12 additional women during the five-day ceasefire.

Israeli President Isaac Herzog has emphasized that Jerusalem is in a "critical hour" ahead of the planned release of hostages.

It's worth noting that a temporary truce between Israel and Hamas commenced today at 8 am.