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IDF discovers rocket manufacturing workshop in Gaza mosque

IDF discovers rocket manufacturing workshop in Gaza mosque Illustrative photo (Photo: Getty Images)
Author: Daria Shekina

The Israeli army forces discovered a laboratory for producing rockets, weapons, and access to a tunnel in a mosque in the Zeitoun area of Gaza City, states the IDF spokesperson, Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari.

"I want you to understand: A mosque, in the Zeitoun area, was being used as a lab for making weapons," he stated.

According to Hagari, in the basement, military personnel found a "workshop for making rockets."

"Terrorists manufacture rockets in the mosque. They exploit Islam and its symbols to create terror," he added.

Hagari further mentioned that the IDF would continue to expose facts about Hamas using civilian objects for terrorism.

Zeitoun serves as a Hamas stronghold in the southern part of Gaza City.

Conflict in Israel

On October 7, Hamas terrorists attacked Israel, killing and abducting civilians and soldiers. In response, Israel declared the Operation "Iron Swords" against the terrorists.

On October 27, the IDF began an offensive in the Gaza Strip. It was reported that Hamas lost control of the territory, and militants were fleeing southward.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that the IDF had no intention of keeping troops in the Gaza Strip after the war.

Additionally, the IDF discovered a Hamas militant tunnel in the largest hospital in the Gaza Strip, al-Shifa. The IDF also targeted Hamas underground facilities where senior militants were hiding.