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How to change interior without renovation: Tips and life hacks

How to change interior without renovation: Tips and life hacks How to change the interior without renovation (illustration: Freepik)

If your house seems less attractive to you recently or you are tired of the old interior, but you do not have the opportunity or desire to spend on repairs, this does not mean that changes are impossible. Refreshing the look of your home is achievable even without a large budget.

Real Simple shares ways to make changes to your interior without renovations.

Add some greenery

There isn't a room that wouldn't benefit from a bit of nature. Plants are a fantastic way to play with scale, levels, and volume.

They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and are perfect for small spaces or large areas like a big empty corner of a room.

Repaint at least one wall

Interior designer Kate Dawson considers paint a miracle for decor. According to her, nothing can change a space as quickly and dramatically - without significant renovation - as a fresh coat of paint. It can alter the atmosphere and style, even if only used on one wall.

The best thing about paint is not only that it can be budget-friendly, but also that you can repaint a wall yourself and save on labor costs.

Change the pillows

Regardless of where they are - in the living room or bedroom - old pillows can really give a room a dated look, while new ones can miraculously transform the room.

According to designers, pillows tie the room together and provide it with integrity and a new style. Another way to save money is to replace the pillowcase but keep the filler.

Add artwork to any room

Dawson recommends decorating plain walls with artwork. Adding colorful paintings instantly tells the story of the homeowner, adds depth, texture, and volume to the room.

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Artwork and photos can transform an apartment (illustration: Freepik)

Moreover, you can use photographs - even your own. A beautiful snapshot of a sunset taken by you can be printed on canvas - however, even on photo paper, the work will look impressive.

Change the wallpaper in the bathroom

Bathrooms are often overlooked when it comes to design changes, but these spaces are a great opportunity for experimentation. While replacing the toilet and sink can be costly, applying wallpaper is a great way to create a new effect without a complete renovation.

Change the hardware in the kitchen or bathroom

Old hardware can really age a room. However, it's not necessary to buy new furniture - you can replace handles, doors, or repaint the wood in a new color.

Add artificial tiles in the kitchen

If your kitchen wall looks outdated, you can add elements of tile, even decorative ones - or self-adhesive panels. There are countless options, and the best part is that distinguishing artificial tiles from real ones is difficult.

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