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House of Representatives fails to oust Speaker Johnson from office

House of Representatives fails to oust Speaker Johnson from office Photo: Speaker of the House of Representatives Mike Johnson (Getty Images)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

The majority of members of the US House of Representatives did not support Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene's motion to dismiss Speaker Mike Johnson, according to Reuters.

The vote took place on Wednesday, May 8. In total, 359 congressmen supported Johnson, 43 voted against, and seven abstained. By party, Greene's initiative was supported by 11 Republicans, while 196 voted against it. The incumbent Speaker was also supported by 163 Democrats.

Thus, Johnson remains in charge of the US House of Representatives.

"I appreciate the show of confidence from my colleagues to defeat this misguided effort. Hopefully, this is the end of the character assassination that has characterized the current Congress," the Speaker says after the vote.

Reasons for Johnson's resignation

In late April, the House of Representatives approved a bill to provide more than $60 billion in military aid to Ukraine. Since last fall, Speaker Johnson has refused to bring the document to a vote, which has seriously complicated the situation at the front due to the suspension of US arms supplies.

Last week, Taylor Greene accused Johnson of colluding with the Democratic Party and proposed a vote for his resignation.

Republicans in Congress doubted that Green would put such a motion to a vote.

And party leader Donald Trump persuaded Green to abandon the initiative.