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Republicans doubt Greene will call for vote on Johnson's resignation, media reports

Republicans doubt Greene will call for vote on Johnson's resignation, media reports Photo: Mike Johnson, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives (Getty Images)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

Republican lawmakers are increasingly doubtful that Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene will dare to initiate a vote on the resignation of House Speaker Mike Johnson, Axios reports.

According to the agency, today, May 7, Johnson will meet again with Greene and Republican Thomas Massie. The last meeting, according to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, was a constructive discussion of ideas. In particular, he added that they are going to keep the team together.

According to some Republicans, the fact that Greene decided to refrain from immediately initiating a vote on Johnson's resignation is promising. Some simply want to avoid attention to the infighting and those do not want to be overly optimistic on this issue.

"If Greene opts to force the vote, Democrats continue to vow to save Johnson's gavel for the time being, but some Republicans fear that they will hemorrhage their leverage in negotiations and potentially lose seats in November," Axios adds.

Johnson's resignation issue

The United States recently passed a law that provides almost $61 billion in support for Ukraine. In general, the bill was pending in the House of Representatives for a long time because Republicans and Democrats could not reach a consensus on the US-Mexico border. In the end, Johnson initiated four bills that included aid to Washington's allies separately.

The pro-Russian Green, for her part, after approving aid to Ukraine, accused the House speaker of treason and threatened to initiate a vote to dismiss him.

According to Democrat Jared Moskowitz, representatives of his party do not plan to support Johnson's resignation.