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Democrats won't back Johnson's dismissal, congressman says

Democrats won't back Johnson's dismissal, congressman says Photo: Mike Johnson, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives (Getty Images)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

Democrats will not support the dismissal of House Speaker Mike Johnson if the issue is put to a vote, according to Democrat Jared Moskowitz.

According to Moskowitz, Democrats will be inclined to “save” the Speaker from dismissal if Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene puts the issue to a vote.

“The idea of letting her sit in the people’s house, in the well of Congress, giving a speech, removing any Speaker and having that powerful moment. There is just no way Democrats are going to let her do that. I’m not going to let her do that,” he says.

In particular, Moskowitz notes that Green would “let the world burn with her isolationist foreign policy.”

Johnson's dismissal issue

Recently, the House of Representatives voted in favor of four bills initiated by Johnson, which also assisted the allies of the United States of America (USA). In particular, our country was provided with support for almost $61 billion. Later, the bill was supported by the Senate and signed by White House President Joe Biden.

Republican representative Greene accused Johnson of betraying Republican voters by approving aid to Ukraine and threatened to initiate a vote for his dismissal if the Speaker did not resign.