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Greece to play active role in Ukraine's post-war reconstruction, MFA says

Greece to play active role in Ukraine's post-war reconstruction, MFA says Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece, George Gerapetritis (Photo: Getty Images)
Author: Daria Shekina

Greece intends to actively participate in efforts for the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine and wishes to make its contribution, states the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece, George Gerapetritis, at the opening of the International Conference for the Reconstruction of Ukraine.

"Many companies and institutions with accumulated experience and comparative advantages in the field of reconstruction and recovery are actively working in our country. These sectors include energy infrastructure, shipping, digitization, construction, protection of cultural heritage, agriculture, tourism, and many other areas," he states.

According to the minister, mobilizing the Greek business community and the public sector to participate in Ukraine's reconstruction will also make a significant contribution to utilizing the opportunities that will soon emerge due to the movement of substantial EU funds.

Gerapetritis emphasizes that Greece has taken a clear principled position from the first day of the war in Ukraine.

"Greece has fully supported Ukraine, firmly standing on the side of international law against any unprovoked aggression, against any violation of sovereignty, against any tendency towards revisionism. We stand in solidarity with the country that has been attacked, and we will support Ukraine in its struggle for sovereignty in every way," he says.

The minister notes that citizens of Greek descent have peacefully lived on the shores of the Black Sea for centuries, so "no one forgets the crimes in Mariupol."

"A city with a Greek name and with a significant population of Greek descent, just as we do not forget the battles and losses in Odesa. The Russian military offensive on Ukraine is not only a threat to Europe's security. It jeopardizes peace and stability worldwide, grossly violating the UN Charter and established norms of international law," he says.

Assistance from Greece to Ukraine

Last summer, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy visited Greece. During his visit, he announced that Athens would train Ukrainian pilots on F-16 fighter jets. The head of state also stated that Ukraine relied on Greece's air defense system in the Black Sea.

Later, it was reported that Greece was suspending funding for support and maintenance programs for Soviet-era anti-aircraft missile systems, as they may be transferred to Ukraine in the future.

It was also previously known that the United States was discussing with Greece the possibility of selling 75,000 artillery shells from the country's Armed Forces reserves. The negotiations are part of Washington's efforts to replenish Ukraine's ammunition.