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Fruits to stay away from if you want to lose weight - List

Fruits to stay away from if you want to lose weight - List Top 3 fruits to stay away from if you want to lose weight (Photo:

Founder of popular diets and doctor Michael Mosley named fruits that can hinder weight loss. Many consider them dietary, but in reality, they are not. It's all about the sugar contained in such fruits, informs Daily Express.

Fruits that won't help you lose weight

It turns out that while being on a diet, people should avoid certain fruits. These are fruits with high sugar content, namely:

  • mango
  • melon
  • pineapple.

"One average-sized mango contains 45 grams of sugar. To put that in comparison with other fruits, one cup of grapes has 23 grams, a cup of raspberries has five grams, while a whole avocado contains 1.33 grams of sugar," explained the expert.

This also applies to melon and pineapple. The dietitian advises to replace these fruits with fruits or berries with less sugar content. And although pineapple has long been called a weight loss product, it is not at all.

Mosley suggests replacing fruit snacks with a healthier alternative. Try unsalted nuts or vegetables.

Які фрукти не можна їсти перед сном (фото: Freepik)

Fruits that harm your figure named (photo:

What to avoid if you want to lose weight

In addition, Mosley advises to pay closer attention to the products you buy. According to the expert, everything that is sold in processed form and with bright labels will harm your figure.

What a person eats directly affects their condition and mood. And if you oversaturate yourself with fats, sugar, and salt, your weight definitely won't decrease.

"If it's heavily marketed, in bright packaging and full of fat, sugar and salt, it will likely affect our health and mood - and not for the better," explained the doctor.

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In addition, it has recently become known what you should add to your coffee to lose weight.

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