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Coffee for weight loss: Add surprising ingredient to your daily brew

Coffee for weight loss: Add surprising ingredient to your daily brew Add surprising ingredient for weight loss (photo:

As summer approaches, many are thinking about how to lose weight quickly to prepare for beach season. While most people are familiar with exercise and diets, a fascinating life hack is gaining popularity. It turns out that coffee can help with weight loss, but there's one important ingredient you need to add, according to

What to add to coffee to lose weight

As it turns out, coffee can indeed help fight extra kilograms. To achieve this, you must add tahini paste (ground sesame seeds) to your coffee.

One teaspoon of tahini contains 42 calories, which won't affect weight gain. On the contrary, this product is rich in fiber, which accelerates calorie-burning processes. Moreover, tahini helps to resist snacking and overeating, providing a feeling of fullness.

However, it's important to consider each body's individual characteristics. All changes in diet and consumption of new products should be coordinated with a doctor, and possible allergic reactions should be considered.

How to drink coffee to lose weight

Not everyone knows that popular coffee drinks can not only fail to promote weight loss but also contribute to weight gain. This is because coffee is often mixed with:

  • sugar
  • syrups
  • milk
  • cream
  • ice cream.

Therefore, if you want to drink coffee and not gain weight, choose beverages without additional sweeteners and calorie-rich products.

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