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France ordered 100 Delair drones for Ukrainian military

France ordered 100 Delair drones for Ukrainian military Photo: France ordered 100 Delair drones for the Ukrainian military (

France has ordered 100 unmanned aerial vehicles from the company Delair for the Ukrainian military. The drones are set to be sent to Ukraine as early as this summer, according to the French Minister of the Armed Forces, Sébastien Lecornu.

"Thanks to the innovative program, France is ordering 100 remotely controlled munitions from Delair, which will arrive in Ukraine this summer," wrote Lecornu.

According to him, the French military-industrial complex will receive an order to produce two thousand such drones for the French and Ukrainian armies.

"In total, our defense industry will receive an order for two thousand remotely controlled drones for the needs of our troops and the needs of Ukraine," noted Lecornu.

Assistance to Ukraine from France

In early February, French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal stated that the country intends not only to increase funding for aid to Ukraine but also to expand the range of provided weaponry.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy also announced that Ukraine will receive a new package of military assistance from France, which will include Caesar artillery systems.

Additionally, the French government is seeking funds to finance a 3 billion euro military aid package to Ukraine after significant cuts in the country's expenditures.

Yesterday, it was also revealed that France has invested money and upgraded Ukrainian MiG-29 and Su-24M aircraft to enable them to use the air bombs supplied by Paris to Kyiv.