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Jeffrey Foskett, 'vice principal' of The Beach Boys, passes away at 67

Jeffrey Foskett, 'vice principal' of The Beach Boys, passes away at 67 Photo: Jeffrey Foskett (Getty Images)

Jeffrey Foskett, a longtime member of The Beach Boys, has passed away at the age of 67 due to anaplastic thyroid cancer. Fondly referred to as the "vice principal of The Beach Boys," Foskett was a respected figure in the music industry, according to NBC News.

Foskett's musical journey with The Beach Boys began in the early '80s, and he played a crucial role in the band for decades. He initially joined Mike Love's Endless Summer Band and later became a key member of The Beach Boys, filling in for Carl Wilson and remaining with the group.

He was part of Brian Wilson's solo band from 1998 to 2014 and rejoined Love's version of The Beach Boys before and after this period. Foskett was known for his lead vocals on iconic songs like "Wouldn't It Be Nice" and "Don't Worry Baby" during the Beach Boys' 50th anniversary tour.

He had been battling stage 4 cancer since 2018 and took a leave of absence from the band in 2019 for surgery. Tributes poured in from Brian Wilson, Carnie Wilson, and others, acknowledging his talent and his impact on their lives and careers.

"I'm so heartbroken that my dear friend Jeff Foskett has passed. Jeff was always there for me when we toured and we couldn't have done it without him. Jeff was one of the most talented guys I ever knew," said Brian Wilson in a social media post.

The Beach Boys

Jeffrey Foskett's background in the music industry was marked by his unique ability to bridge the sometimes competing factions within The Beach Boys.

Jeffrey Foskett, 'vice principal' of The Beach Boys, passes away at 67The Beach Boys (Photo: Getty Images)

His career took off after a chance meeting with Brian Wilson in 1976, leading to a lifelong friendship and professional collaboration. Foskett's versatility as a musician and singer allowed him to seamlessly transition between different roles within the band and as a solo artist.

His involvement with The Beach Boys and his solo endeavors showcased his exceptional talent and dedication to music, making him a beloved figure in classic rock.

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