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Ralph Cirella, Howard Stern Show stylist, died of lymphoma at 58

Ralph Cirella, Howard Stern Show stylist, died of lymphoma at 58 Ralph Cirella (Getty Images)

Howard Stern Show stylist and makeup artist Ralph Cirella, aged 58, died on Tuesday while being treated for a rare form of lymphoma, People reports.

Howard Stern, Ralph Cirella's close friend, announced the sad news on Wednesday morning. Stern shared that Cirella was undergoing a medical procedure when his “heart gave out.”

“Ralph was a trustworthy, dear friend who made me laugh every time I was with him,” he said.

Stern knew Cirella for four decades. The night before he passed, they discussed the “curable and treatable” cancer and had hope for the future.

Cirella and Stern working together

Born on April 20, 1965, Cirella initially connected with Stern by calling into his WNBC radio program in 1985. Their collaboration began with a New Year’s Eve event at the NYC Felt Forum, where they worked on a penis puppet. This collaboration led to Cirella being hired for special effects on Stern's late-night variety show, The Channel 9 Show. Over the years, Cirella served as Stern’s personal stylist, taking on additional roles as a wardrobe consultant and set designer for the show.

Ralph Cirella, Howard Stern Show stylist, died of lymphoma at 58(Getty Images)

While briefly hosting The Friday Show on Howard 100 radio, Cirella is most fondly remembered for his guest appearances and frequent call-ins to The Howard Stern Show. Regularly joining Stern on air, Cirella shared stories and offered insights into pop-culture discussions.

Stern disclosed that Cirella was the inspiration behind his signature opening phrase, "hey now," a nod to The Larry Sanders Show, a catchphrase often repeated by the stylist.

Stern also credited Cirella with playing a key role in introducing him to his wife, actress Beth Ostrosky Stern, as Cirella encouraged him to attend the party where he and Beth first met.

“He was the reason I met Beth,” Stern admitted.

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