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Explosions in Crimea: Russian air defense performance reported

Explosions in Crimea: Russian air defense performance reported Air defense systems in the occupied Crimea were operating due to drone attacks (photo: Russian media)

Last night, in the temporarily occupied Crimea, the Russian invaders' air defense forces and means repelled a drone attack. The Russian Ministry of Defense claims to have shot down two drones, according to the Defense Ministry Telegram channel.

The defense ministry of the aggressor country traditionally blames Ukraine for this UAV attack. It is also noted that the drones were of the airplane type.

According to the statement, "two Ukrainian UAVs were destroyed" over the territory of Crimea by regular air defense systems at night.

It is not specified where exactly the air defense system was operating to counter the drones, or what the consequences of the incident were.

Earlier, late on Wednesday night and Thursday night, Crimean media and social networks reported a series of explosions, first in Sevastopol and then in Krasnoperekopsk.

Explosions in Crimea last night

Around half past midnight, explosions were reported in occupied Sevastopol in the bay area. Telegram channels reported four or five explosions.

In his turn, local occupation administrator Mikhail Razvozzhayev spoke about the operation of air defense systems and the alleged downing of a drone over the Black Sea.

And around 1 a.m., the Crimean media reported four explosions in the area of Krasnoperekopsk, near Dzhankoy in the north of Crimea. Representatives of the occupation "administration" did not explain the reason for this nighttime explosions.