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Explosions and fires erupt again in Belgorod on last day of Putin's 'elections'

Explosions and fires erupt again in Belgorod on last day of Putin's 'elections' Photo: explosions and fires again in Belgorod (Russian media)

Residents of the Russian city of Belgorod on Sunday, March 17, complain about explosions and strikes. Today is the last day of the so-called "presidential elections" in Russia, inform local Telegram channels.

As Russians report on social media, explosions occurred in Belgorod during the day. Several fires broke out in the city.

Russians complain about shelling, stating that multi-story buildings, roads, and one of the shopping centers in Belgorod were damaged.

Local Telegram channels also claimed that there is allegedly a casualty. Local authorities and the Russian Ministry of Defense have not commented on the situation.


The Russian Volunteer Corps, along with two other units, breached the border with Russia this week and took control of several settlements, including those in the Belgorod and Kursk regions.

Today, the Siberian Battalion reported that they entered the town of Gorkovsky in the Belgorod region. Fighters seized the local administration building. Later, the volunteers announced that they fully control the town.

Additionally, Russian volunteers announced strikes on Belgorod and Kursk. They noted that they would target Russian military positions, urging civilians to evacuate.