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Explosion occurred at power plant in Russia: Casualties reported

Explosion occurred at power plant in Russia: Casualties reported Photo: Explosion occurred at power plant in Russia (rus media)

On Wednesday, March 6, in the Russian republic of Tyva, people were affected by an extraordinary event at the Shagonar Thermal Power Plant, according to a local Telegram channel.

The head of the republic, Vladislav Khovalig, noted that the causes of the emergency at the Shagonar Thermal Power Plant are currently being investigated. There are no reported fatalities, but 10 people are known to have been injured and hospitalized. Emergency services are on-site, and the building is cordoned off.

"We are establishing an operational headquarters, including the leadership of the Emergency Situations Ministry, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the National Guard, regional healthcare ministries, the Ministry of Housing and Utilities, the Ministry of Fuel and Energy, the Emergency Services, and Civil Defense. We are mobilizing emergency crews to deal with the consequences," he added.

Local media also reported that all four boilers at the Shagonar Thermal Power Plant are undamaged and in working condition. Currently, central heating is disconnected due to emergency restoration work.

Earlier, the Main Directorate of Intelligence confirmed an explosion on a bridge in the Samara region. The railway bridge over the Chapayevka River in the Samara region was disabled. The explosion occurred around 6:00 a.m. on March 4, resulting in damage to the structural elements of the bridge. As a result, traffic through the crossing, used for transporting ammunition, has been suspended.

According to intelligence data, the railway bridge was used by occupiers to transport military cargo, including engineering ammunition produced at the Polimer plant in the city of Chapayevsk in the Samara region.

Earlier, we reported an explosion at a substation in Yekaterinburg that supplies defense plants. The explosion occurred on the night of March 2. Reports on social media described an explosion and a flash. Russian media stated that a likely explosion occurred on Shefskaya Street near the Kalininskaya substation. They claimed it was caused by a short circuit that damaged one of the transformers. However, reports on social media indicated that an improvised explosive device was found near the station.

It was also noted that this substation provides electricity to three defense plants in Russia. Other Telegram channels reported that these plants, receiving power from the substation, are involved in metallurgy, cement production, and the manufacturing of lifting and transportation equipment for mining complexes.