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Explosion rocks defense plant power station in Yekaterinburg: Russian media

Explosion rocks defense plant power station in Yekaterinburg: Russian media Illustrative photo: a substation exploded in Yekaterinburg on the night of March 2 (Getty Images)

A powerful explosion rocked the Russian city of Yekaterinburg overnight on March 2nd. It is believed that a substation exploded, reports the Russian Telegram channel ASTRA.

Reports circulated online about a loud explosion and flash. State-owned Russian media claimed that the explosion occurred on Shefskaya Street near the Kalininskaya substation.

Propagandists claim that the explosion was allegedly caused by a short circuit, resulting in damage to one of the transformers. However, online sources suggest that an improvised explosive device was found near the substation.

It is also noted that the substation provides electricity to three Russian defense plants. Other Telegram channels report that the plants supplied by the substation operate in the metallurgical, cement, and lifting equipment industries for mining complexes.

Explosions in St. Petersburg

On the night of March 2, explosions occurred in the Russian city of St. Petersburg. Russians claimed it was a drone attack.

However, online sources indicate that Russian air defense attempted to shoot down the drones. Yet, debris fell in a residential area, damaging a building.

Russian media outlets claim that the target of the attack could have been a thermal power plant or the Ruchii oil depot, located about a kilometer from the damaged building.