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Europe's largest NATO base to be built in Romania

Europe's largest NATO base to be built in Romania Illustrative photo (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

Romania has initiated construction works to expand the military complex of the 57th Romanian Air Force Base Mihail Kogălniceanu. The largest NATO military base in Europe could be operational as early as 2040, according to TVR Info.

The Romanian government is investing nearly 2.5 billion euros into the project.

The vast military complex, resulting from the expansion of the Mihail Kogălniceanu base, will cover an area of ​​2,800 hectares and will contain facilities that were not previously present.

The project aims to strengthen the air infrastructure, including new runways, a new control tower, a beacon and radio navigation system, a flight simulator, and hangars.

Additionally, administrative and social buildings, schools and kindergartens, shops, restaurants, a cinema, and even a hospital will be established. The city will become home to 10,000 NATO servicemen, their families, and base support staff.

The base is expected to be fully operational by 2040.

US troops have been using the base since 1999, and it currently houses units of the 101st Airborne Division of the United States and allied fighter aircraft tasked with airspace protection duties.

Previously, Romanian President Klaus Iohannis officially announced his desire to run for the NATO Secretary General position.