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First official candidate for NATO Secretary General emerges

First official candidate for NATO Secretary General emerges Romanian President Klaus Iohannis (Photo: Getty Images)

On March 12, Romanian President Klaus Iohannis officially announced his intention to run for NATO Secretary General, according to RFI.

"I have decided to participate in the competition for the post of NATO Secretary General," said the President of Romania.

According to the President, two decades have passed since Romania became a member of NATO, which has been promoting democracy and freedom for 75 years and has built an extensive network of partners.

He added that the Alliance's cardinal values are the rule of law and respect for fundamental rights and freedoms, which is the compass that has guided everyone to consolidate democracy.

"NATO's umbrella has offered us the strongest security guarantees in history," President Iohannis said.

The war in Ukraine

According to him, a military conflict in Europe has become a reality that seemed unlikely a few years ago. He called Russia a long-term threat to the European continent.

He also added that NATO's borders are of paramount importance, and strengthening its eastern flank will remain a long-term priority.

Mr. Iohannis assured that Romania has proven to be a pillar of stability and security in the region. The country initiated a national pact with all parties to allocate 2% of GDP to defense, and now Bucharest has reached 2.5% of GDP.

Who else could lead NATO

Recently, Politico wrote that US President Joe Biden supports the appointment of Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte as NATO Secretary General after Jens Stoltenberg's term expires.

At the same time, Sky News reported that Britain also supports Rutte's candidacy. It is worth noting that Stoltenberg's term of office expires on October 1, 2024.

However, at the end of February, Bloomberg wrote that Romania informed NATO countries that it plans to nominate its President Klaus Iohannis for Secretary General of the Alliance.