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Estonian PM: NATO has 'three to five years' before Russia becomes threat

Estonian PM: NATO has 'three to five years' before Russia becomes threat Photo: Prime Minister of Estonia, Kaya Kallas (wikimedia org Kaja_Kallas)

Europe has three to five years to prepare for Russia becoming a serious military threat on NATO's eastern flank, says the Prime Minister of Estonia, Kaya Kallas.

Highlighting feelings of instability, Kaya Kallas became the first NATO leader to suggest that Russia was behind the recent disruptions in GPS navigation in the southern part of the Baltic Sea.

However, she noted that this disruption did not seem to be intentionally targeted at NATO members.

Concerns are growing within the North Atlantic Alliance about how long its members will have to prepare for the potential deployment of Russian troops near NATO borders.

What Europe needs to prepare for

Kallas stated that Estonian intelligence believes that in three to five years, Russia could pose a serious threat to the eastern flank of NATO countries.

"Our intelligence estimates it to be three to five years, and that very much depends on how we manage our unity and keep our posture regarding Ukraine," said the Estonian Prime Minister.

The scenario mentioned is considered possible if a ceasefire is reached in Ukraine, although it does not specify when such an event might occur.

"From the Baltic states's perspective, Russia still has enough strength to exert credible military pressure in our region," added Kallas.

Possible NATO-Russia war

Prime Minister Kaya Kallas warned that if Western countries do not help Ukraine succeed, the next target of invasion could be the NATO countries.

It was also reported that Lithuania aims to create a light infantry division by 2030. Together with two other NATO units, it will be needed in case of war.

Earlier, NATO Lieutenant General Jürgen-Joachim von Sandrart stated that Russia is rebuilding its potential and preparing for a possible confrontation with the North Atlantic Alliance.