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Prime Minister of Estonia outlined condition under which Russia could attack NATO

Prime Minister of Estonia outlined condition under which Russia could attack NATO If Russia is not held accountable for the invasion of Ukraine, NATO will be the next victim of aggression (photo: Getty Images)

If Western countries do not help Ukraine to win, the next target of invasion could be the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), states Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas.

According to her, sometimes the West buys into Russia's narratives. One of them is that the West and NATO are weak.

"The West sometimes buys into the narratives that Russia is trying to develop. And one of those narratives is that the West is weak, NATO is weak, but actually we shouldn't underestimate our own power. Russia is definitely afraid of having a conflict with NATO. And as we are in NATO, we don't have the war here. So I don't think that this is a real threat, but as I said, it is clear that European countries have to boost their own defense expenditure. There is Article 5 in NATO that we all know, but there's also Article 3, which means that every country has to do its utmost to increase its own defense. And collective defense," Kallas said.

The head of the Estonian government is also convinced that if Russia avoids responsibility for the war against Ukraine, NATO could be the next target of invasion.

"That's why it's very important that we stay united behind Ukraine, we help Ukraine militarily so that it is able to win this war and push Russia back to its borders," said the Estonian Prime Minister.

Russian threat to Europe

In recent weeks, an increasing number of European leaders are expressing concerns about the growing threat of a Russian attack on NATO countries.

For instance, Germany is already preparing for a possible war with Russia.

NATO Deputy Secretary-General Mihaela Geoană did not rule out the possibility that Russia's war against Ukraine could last a long time and may not even end by 2025.

Meanwhile, Sweden will deploy two new submarines to the Baltic Sea to counter Russia.