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Estonia may close its borders with Russia soon: Details

Estonia may close its borders with Russia soon: Details Photo: Estonia may close its borders with the Russian Federation in the near future (

The Estonian Police Department has warned of the possible closure of the Russian-Estonian border in the near future, according to the press service of the Estonian police.

It is reported that warnings to Russians are being issued at the Narva border crossing point.

The Estonian Police Department stated that the border might be closed due to migration pressure.

"In recent weeks, Russia has deliberately directed to the Estonian border groups of foreigners lacking the legal right to enter the European Union," the Estonian police announcement stated.

Estonian authorities also warned that they would be forced to close the border, similar to what was done in Finland, if "this activity continues." Earlier, the head of the Border Guard Department of the Estonian Police Department, Veiko Kommusaar, suggested that some border crossing points with Russia might be closed.

Closing the border with Russia

Earlier, Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas stated that the government currently does not see significant reasons to close the border with Russia but is prepared to take such measures if necessary.

At the same time, Estonian Foreign Minister Margus Tsahkna acknowledged the possibility of closing the border with Russia, although this measure was previously considered premature. On December 4, the head of the Estonian Ministry of Internal Affairs also admitted the possibility of closing the border with Russia.

Moreover, Estonia is considering the possibility of modernizing the border with Russia, including installing anti-personnel and anti-tank mines.