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Estonia considers fortifying border with Russia

Estonia considers fortifying border with Russia Illustrative photo (Getty Images)

Estonia is exploring the possibility of reinforcing its border with Russia by installing anti-personnel and anti-tank mines, according to Deputy Chairman of the Riigikogu National Defense Committee, Reserve Lieutenant Colonel Leo Kunnas.

Kunnas outlined three conditions for constructing defensive structures on the border with Russia.

"Firstly, we need to replace the stocks of engineering materials and mines that we gave to Ukraine. For example, we provided a large quantity of anti-tank mines. We need to replace them immediately and then acquire more mines, explosives, and ammunition," Kunnas stated.

As the next step, he suggested the denunciation of the Ottawa Convention banning anti-personnel mines by all Baltic countries.

Thirdly, according to Kunnas, Estonia should initiate the production of its own military explosive, applicable in anti-tank, anti-personnel, minefield clearing mines, and artillery shells.

"These manufacturing capabilities would be important for us because their quantity is also significant. Once we accomplish all of this, then we can seriously consider building defensive structures," he added.

Closing the border with Russia

Recently, Estonian Prime Minister Kaya Kallas stated that the government currently sees no compelling reasons to close the border with Russia but is prepared to take such measures if necessary.

Nevertheless, Estonian Foreign Minister Margus Tsahkna acknowledged the possibility of closing the border with Russia, although earlier such a measure was deemed premature. On December 4, the Estonian Minister of the Interior also allowed for the closure of the border with Russia.