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El Pais reports on NATO military presence in Ukraine and states their purpose

El Pais reports on NATO military presence in Ukraine and states their purpose Illustrative photo (Getty Images)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

NATO troops are already in Ukraine for arms control, intelligence operations, and training, according to El Pais.

The agency has interviewed many military sources from Ukraine and the EU over more than two years of war, and they all agree that no NATO army has taken part in ground combat. But they also agree that they have informants on the ground who provide information about the situation on the frontline, determine the effectiveness of the weapons being supplied and possible problems in their use, and identify possible cases of corruption in the delivery of aid.

Some of these unofficial informants are retired foreign military personnel who volunteer to fight in the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

At least two sources, one American and one Ukrainian claim that Washington is particularly active in monitoring their assistance, organizing missions between its embassy and the Ukrainian authorities, as well as visiting them outside official channels.

Macron's initiative to send troops to Ukraine

At the end of February, French President Emmanuel Macron did not rule out the possibility that Western countries might send troops to help Ukraine. But, according to him, there is no consensus on this issue.

Later, the French leader clarified that Paris could deploy its troops to Ukraine if Russia starts attacking Kyiv or Odesa again.

Some NATO countries opposed this idea, including Germany, Czechia, Bulgaria, Poland, Spain, and Italy. At the same time, some countries are ready to consider such a possibility, including Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.

On March 14, Macron again made a statement about French troops in Ukraine. He emphasized that this option was not ruled out.