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Economic and military support for Ukraine by Western countries must be constant - Stubb

Economic and military support for Ukraine by Western countries must be constant - Stubb Photo: Alexander Stubb (

The recent winner of the presidential elections in Finland, Alexander Stubb, emphasized the importance of continued support by Western countries for Ukraine, which is resisting Russia's large-scale military aggression. This support should encompass both the defensive and financial spheres, reports Yle.

During a press briefing at the Munich Security Conference, Stubb expressed the opinion that if the West could not support Ukraine, it "would no longer exist."

He also speculated that for the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, the issue of Ukraine, particularly its capture, is a top priority.

"This war is too big for Putin to fail, and that's what makes it quite problematic," Stubb said.

In his view, support for Ukraine should be both constant and encompass both economic and military assistance. In this context, the winner of the presidential elections in Finland highlighted that arms deliveries from partner and ally countries are a current challenge.

"The only thing that Putin understands is power. You show any weakness — any soft elements — and he will attack," Stubb stated.

Munich Security Conference

The Munich Security Conference started on February 16. Over 150 world leaders gathered in Germany to discuss issues in the sphere of global security. Assistance to Ukraine was one of the main topics.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy participated in the Munich Conference. He spoke at the conference on Saturday, February 17. The president's key statements can be found in the material by RBC-Ukraine.

Later, President Zelenskyy summarized his visit to Munich and mentioned that the Ukrainian delegation, as part of the trip to the conference, reached agreements with several countries on new packages of military aid.