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Drone attack reported in Russian city of Oryol: Oil depot and energy facility under fire

Drone attack reported in Russian city of Oryol: Oil depot and energy facility under fire Drone attack reported in Russian city of Oryol (Getty Images)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

Russia is once again complaining about drone attacks. This time, the drones allegedly hit an oil depot in the city of Oryol and Oryolenergo. There is also a lot of noise in the Kursk region, with Russians talking about "air defense operations," according to local Telegram channels.

A kamikaze drone allegedly tried to attack the Oryolnefteprodukt oil depot in Oryol. Ukraine is traditionally blamed for the attack.

The UAV reportedly hit the fuel tank about half an hour ago, but according to the Russians, "no further fire occurred."

Meanwhile, a black, thick puff of smoke is visible from the site.

Photo from local Telegram channels

Another drone attacked the company Oryolenergo, which supplies and sells electricity in the Oryol region.

So far, two people have been reported injured after drone attacks on the city.

In addition, the Kursk region is also noisy. Russians report "air defense operations".

Explosions in Russia

Various explosions have been occurring regularly in Russian settlements in various regions. Most often, this happens in the border regions.

Thus, since December 30, Russians have been complaining about the shelling of Belgorod and the region. RBC-Ukraine's sources in the special services reported that the Security and Defense Forces of Ukraine launched a missile attack on military facilities in Belgorod on December 30.

According to the Russians, the so-called shelling continued on January 1 and 2. Russian officials and the Russian Defense Ministry claim to have allegedly shot down missiles. Yesterday, January 3, explosions and sirens were heard in Belgorod again, and the governor said that "the situation is tense."

Earlier, on December 19, the governor of the Bryansk region reported as many as three drone attacks in the morning and blamed Ukraine. Residents posted videos on social media showing explosions. Officials claim that the drones were shot down and there were no casualties.

On December 22, the Russians invented a new "attack" on an oil storage facility in the Bryansk region. Russian media claimed that drones were trying to attack fuel tanks.