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Czech President warns of European risks if Ukraine loses in war

Czech President warns of European risks if Ukraine loses in war President of the Czech Republic, Petr Pavel (photo: Getty Images)

The European countries should not talk about war fatigue; only the parties involved in the conflict have the right to do so, states Czech President Petr Fiala.

"To be honest, only Ukraine and Russia can talk about war fatigue... In our countries, we can say that we are accustomed to this war, but we are not tired. Our cities are not bombed, our citizens are not killed. The only burden for us in helping Ukraine is receiving refugees and some reduction in comfort. We do not feel suffering," said the Czech leader.

At the same time, he noted that Europe will face serious problems if some politicians are irresponsible in using inflation or rising energy prices to manipulate voters against assisting Ukraine.

"We must have the courage to tell our fellow citizens that helping Ukraine is in our interest," Pavel emphasized.

Ukraine's defeat threatens security

In this context, the President of the Czech Republic expressed disappointment that Hungary's position blocked providing financial assistance of 50 billion euros to Ukraine.

"If we believe that the war in Ukraine is evil against the rule of law, that it touches the foundations of our societies, we must support the country, whether we like it or not. Not out of love for Ukrainians, but to defend our way of life. Allowing Russia to win would pose a threat to our own security, to our future," Pavel stated.

He is convinced that the sooner the issue of financial assistance to Ukraine is resolved, the better for everyone.

Messages of support for Ukraine from Petr Pavel

On December 20, Petr Pavel met with the President of France, Emmanuel Macron. During the meeting, the leaders discussed the war in Ukraine.

In the context of the meeting, the Czech leader noted that France and the Czech Republic are aware of the risks associated with the possible success of Russia in the war against Ukraine. Therefore, the expansion of the EU is a crucial step.

Hungary blocking EU financial aid to Ukraine

The European Union has prepared a plan for financial support to Ukraine amounting to 50 billion euros over four years. Out of this sum, direct budgetary support will constitute 39 billion euros, 8 billion will go to an investment fund, and an additional 3 billion will be allocated for technical assistance.

EU leaders discussed this initiative at the European Council summit in Brussels on December 14. While 26 countries supported providing funds to Ukraine, Hungary vetoed the decision.

Budapest is demanding that Brussels unfreeze a 30 billion euros aid package for Hungary. The funds were blocked due to rule of law and corruption issues in the country.

Recently, the EU unfroze 10 billion euros from this amount in exchange for Hungary's agreement not to block the start of accession negotiations with Ukraine. To unlock the rest of the funds, Budapest must fulfill a set of conditions.