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Creating clutter: 7 things you shouldn't store in your bedroom

Creating clutter: 7 things you shouldn't store in your bedroom What things should not be kept in the bedroom (illustrative photo: Freepik)
Author: Daryna Vialko

The bedroom should be a place where you can rest and recharge for the next day. However, clutter often accumulates in the room with items that have another place for them, according to Martha Stewart.

Hangers and dry cleaning bags

If you have clothing still stored in dry cleaning bags, it's time to get rid of them.

According to organization experts, keeping dry-cleaned clothes without covers allows you to quickly see what you have. Besides, bags won't take up valuable closet space.

In addition, clothes will wear well if hung on proper hangers rather than wrapped in plastic.

Loose change

Have you ever taken loose change out of your pockets and put it on your nightstand or dresser? If this sounds familiar, those coins can accumulate in various places.

Instead of leaving coins or bills on every surface in your bedroom, it's better to set up a designated container where every family member can deposit loose change.

This not only prevents clutter but also ensures you know where to find loose change when needed - like for bus fare.

Mail and work papers

Mail and work-related papers shouldn't be kept in the bedroom. If your workspace is also in the bedroom, it's recommended to gather papers in organizers and designate a shelf for them.

Otherwise, relocate papers to a dedicated area outside the bedroom.

Extra cords

Every time we update devices or buy new ones, the number of charging cables and cords increases.

Since households often accumulate several generations of devices, identifying what you use and don’t is a quick way to declutter.

Any cords worth keeping can be redistributed around the house, in backpacks, or even in the car.

Extra pillows

Unused or spare pillows can take up a lot of space in your bedroom. Instead of keeping them on the bed, it's better to store extra pillows in a designated closet.

It's also a good idea to occasionally review pillows, wash them as needed, and replace their covers.

Unused exercise equipment

If you bought a stationary bike or small weights in the past but they're now collecting dust in a corner, it's time to start using them or find a new home for them. Otherwise, they're just taking up space.

Stack of magazines or books

Keen readers often have a stack of books on their nightstands, but if you're not reading, they can clutter up space physically and visually.

Instead of keeping a pile of interesting books near the bed, it's better to place only those currently being read nearby and move the rest to a bookshelf.

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