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Transforming tight bathrooms: Simple interior changes

Transforming tight bathrooms: Simple interior changes What to do with a small bathroom (illustrative photo: Freepik)

Although today most bathrooms can accommodate a lot of necessary (and not so necessary) items, in some homes it is extremely difficult to organize the space effectively due to the small size of the room. However, sometimes a major renovation is not needed, and it is enough to make some changes to the interior, according to Real Simple.

Thorough cleaning

It is much easier to organize space when there are no unnecessary items. Therefore, it is worth reviewing all the products stored in the bathroom, throwing away everything that has expired, and then—almost empty bottles.

It is also worth throwing away or giving away what you do not use, such as a moisturizing cream you bought six months ago but never opened.

Utilize vertical space

If there is not enough horizontal space, organizers suggest using any vertical space, which is often overlooked.

One exciting way to use vertical space is to hang plant baskets to store slightly larger items, such as rolled towels or hair tools.

Use narrow shelves

Brianna and Erica Spruill, professional organizers and founders of Just BE LLC note that thin and narrow bathroom shelves allow you to utilize vertical space.

Such shelves come in various sizes, so they can be placed near the wall and under the sink. Moreover, they are easy to clean, and additional wheels allow you to move them easily to another part of the room.

Add shelves above the bathtub or shower wall

There are corner shelves that can be attached to the shower cabin wall and long-hanging shelves that can be attached above the bathtub. Corner shelves provide visibility of items and make cleaning in a tight space easier.

At the same time, long and wide shelves above the bathtub allow you to store more unused items.

Attach containers to cabinet doors

You can use the space behind cabinet doors with adhesive organizer containers.

This is a great way to store small items for facial, oral, or hair care. Different sizes of containers make it easy to find one that meets your needs and fits perfectly in the space.

Install shelves above the toilet

If the bathroom space is too tight, consider installing a shelf above the toilet. There are many options, including those with cabinet doors to keep everything looking neat.

They are especially useful for keeping spare rolls of toilet paper handy - as well as household chemicals.

Use an over-the-door shoe organizer

An over-the-door shoe organizer is a good way to store extra items in bathrooms that do not have enough space.

Just choose one with transparent pockets - this allows you to see all the items and easily inventory them.