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'Could drag Germany into war': Scholz opposes supplying Ukraine with Taurus missiles

'Could drag Germany into war': Scholz opposes supplying Ukraine with Taurus missiles Chancellor of Germany Olaf Scholz (Getty Images)

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz once again opposes the supply of long-range Taurus missiles to Ukraine. In his opinion, this could involve his country in a war with Russia, according to RND.

"We must, under no circumstances, be aligned with the objectives achieved by this system (referring to the range of Taurus missiles). Therefore, this is not the next item on the agenda. This clarity is also necessary. I am surprised that some people are not concerned at all; they don't even contemplate whether what we are doing might, in some sense, lead to participation in war," says Scholz.

He explained that Taurus missiles are long-range weapons, and "what the English and the French do in terms of target control is impossible to do in Germany."

"Anyone who has dealt with this system knows this," adds the Chancellor.

Scholz noted that he is "very irritated by the lack of balance between what is really needed now and the discussion about Taurus."

"What Ukraine lacks is ammunition for all possible lengths and distances, but not fundamentally from Germany," he emphasized.

Taurus for Ukraine

Recall that Ukraine has been urging Germany to initiate the supply of long-range Taurus missiles, capable of destroying targets up to 500 kilometers away, since last year.

However, the German government refuses to transfer such weaponry. According to media reports, Chancellor Olaf Scholz himself opposes it. He is concerned that the Ukrainian Armed Forces could use German missiles to strike Russian territory, making Germany a party to the conflict.

On February 19, German media reported that the ruling coalition in the Bundestag is preparing an appeal to the government to provide Ukraine with long-range missiles. However, the document did not specifically mention Taurus.

On February 22, the Bundestag supported a resolution recommending the German government to start supplying Taurus long-range missiles to Kyiv.