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Cleaning experts named dirtiest thing in bathroom

Cleaning experts named dirtiest thing in bathroom Photo: What is the dirtiest thing in the bathroom (

Cleaning experts explained why having a toilet brush in the bathroom is not the best idea, according to cleaning gurus on TikTok.

Dirtiest item in the bathroom or toilet

A cleaning expert claims that if you knew how dirty the toilet brush is, you would immediately get rid of it.

While this brush may seem like a standard item in the bathroom since it helps thoroughly clean the toilet bowl, it may not be the ideal tool at all.

Whether it's a traditional brush or its rubber version, experts are confident - using it is unhygienic.

Instead, they recommend using bleach and a sponge to clean the toilet, but don't forget to protect your hands and skin with rubber gloves.

Названа найбрудніша річ, яку ви можете тримати у ванній чи туалеті

Toilet brush - this is a dirty item (Screenshot)

Since its publication on the platform, the video has gathered over 213 thousand views, eliciting a mixed reaction despite the provided advice.

Many TikTok users expressed skepticism about giving up the toilet brush, and some even stated that they were not going to part with it.

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