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House cleaning as workout: Exercises to keep fit

House cleaning as workout: Exercises to keep fit How to get fit while cleaning at home (Collage RBC-Ukraine)

Regular house cleaning can replace an hour of moderate-intensity gym training, helping burn calories and strengthen various muscle groups, writes Washington Post.

Here are some techniques recommended by Dr. Daston Morris to turn household chores into a workout:

  1. Dusting:

    • Add movements such as lunges or squats while dusting.
    • Focus on different areas each day, like dusting shelves one day and vacuuming the next.
    • Spend 20-30 minutes daily on cleaning activities.
  2. Wiping Surfaces:

    • Engage your shoulders and arms during the wiping process.
    • Incorporate leg exercises like lunges or squats while moving around the room.
  3. Bathroom Cleaning:

    • Scrubbing the bathroom can burn approximately 80 calories in 30 minutes.
    • Add squats and calf raises while cleaning to intensify the workout.
  4. Kitchen Cleanup:

    • Washing dishes burns around 105-160 calories in 30 minutes.
    • Include push-ups against the countertop for additional upper body workout.
    • Utilize the kitchen counter for easier push-ups.
  5. Laundry:

    • Folding clothes can burn around 50 calories in 30 minutes.
    • Incorporate push-ups between folding items.
    • Use folding as an opportunity for squats.
  6. Floor Cleaning:

    • Vacuuming engages core muscles and burns around 80 calories in 30 minutes.
    • Alter hand positions while vacuuming to target different muscle groups.
    • Change positions while using a broom or mop to affect various muscles.
  7. Moving Furniture:

    • Rearranging furniture activates biceps, triceps, chest, and back muscles.
    • Moving larger items like sofas and beds provides a full-body workout.
  8. General Tips:

    • Be mindful of your movements during cleaning and exert extra effort.
    • Focus on different muscle groups on different days.
    • Utilize squats, lunges, calf raises, and push-ups to intensify the workout.

These simple adjustments can turn daily cleaning routines into effective workouts, burning calories and strengthening various muscle groups across the body.

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