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China shows its analog of Kinzhal hypersonic missile

China shows its analog of Kinzhal hypersonic missile Photo: China shows an analog of the Kinzhal (
Author: Daryna Vialko

China has developed an analogue of the Russian hypersonic missile Kinzhal. The Chinese authorities have already shown a video of the usage of the missile, reports Defense Express.

According to the media, the missile is known as the 2PZD-21. China first showed it in November last year during an international air show.

Chinese authorities do not disclose the characteristics of this missile. A video they recently released shows an H-6K bomber dropping the missile.

Similarities to the Kinzhal

According to Defense Express, the 2PZD-21 is based on a tactical ballistic missile, as in the case of the Kinzhal.

The missile uses an active radar seeker head, which allows it to be used for strikes against ships.

There are also differences

2PZD-21 missile can be launched from subsonic bombers.

In the case of the Kinzhal, such carriers are not suitable. A mandatory condition for launching the missile is the acceleration of the MiG-31K carrier to supersonic speeds, after which launch is possible.

The use of Kinzhal

Russia has repeatedly used its hypersonic Kinzhal missiles to strike Ukrainian territory.

So far, such missiles have been shot down only with the help of the Patriot battery, which was provided to the Ukrainian military by Western allies.

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, Ukraine's air defense forces have managed to shoot down dozens of hypersonic missiles. In total, 25 such air targets have been destroyed as of early January this year.