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China, Japan, and South Korea to hold trilateral talks this weekend

China, Japan, and South Korea to hold trilateral talks this weekend China, Japan, and South Korea will hold trilateral talks this weekend (photo: GettyImages)

Top diplomats from South Korea, China, and Japan are set to hold talks in the city of Busan (South Korea) this weekend. The meeting will focus on preparations for the resumption of the trilateral summit, according to Yonhap.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Park Jin will meet with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Japanese Foreign Minister Yoko Kamikawa on Sunday for extensive discussions on ways to enhance trilateral cooperation and other regional and global issues, the South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced.

On Sunday, Park will conduct separate bilateral talks with Wang and Kamikawa, respectively, before inviting the two ministers to a luncheon meeting. Trilateral negotiations will take place after lunch.

"The ministerial talks raise the prospect of resuming the trilateral summit of the leaders of the three Northeast Asian neighbors after an almost four-year hiatus," the edition notes.

The relations between the three countries

The trilateral summit was initiated in 2008, with its initial agenda focused on overcoming the economic crisis in the region. However, in 2019, the summit's activities were suspended due to a dispute between South Korea and Japan regarding compensation decisions for forced labor and the pandemic.

Lately, South Korea and Japan have been collaborating with the United States on security issues. To counter the influence of China and the threat from North Korea, the countries have strengthened security cooperation.